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When established in 1976, our foundation was solid and our roots were deep.


The ideals and strengths of a great company had been in place since 1959 with Fred Olivieri Construction Company. We are proud of our heritage; it makes us who we are today.


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1958 Early Fred Olivieri



Check out those dapper, hard-working young men!


Fred Olivieri and his brother-in-law, Carl Pandoli, worked for Tony Olivieri’s concrete company. Fred was honest with his father when he told him that concrete wasn’t his thing. A few years later, Fred and his wife Virginia founded Fred Olivieri Construction Company.



Look there! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!
No, It’s Fred getting things done on top of that wall!

But, it’s not just any wall! This wall marks the first gas station project of Fred Olivieri Construction Company. This is the first of over 125 gas stations!



Fred’s father, Tony Olivieri (pictured back, middle) helping out on the job site. Although Tony decided to stay with his concrete business, he was there for Fred when he started in general contracting.



Gene! Get down from there! Someone named OSHA just called for you!



When “the gas station on every corner” was just starting to gain momentum, Fred Olivieri Construction Company was there to aid in the process.



It’s 1965 and the AEP Total Electric House is under construction! At the beginning of 1960, there were only 900,000 electrically heated homes in the country. By 1965, there were 2.5 million (source).


Fred Olivieri Construction Company was a part of the movement! Who doesn’t love electricity?



Ten years after the start of their company, Fred and Virginia Olivieri were proud to grow out of their basement office into their new office on Grandview in Canton, OH.



When McDonald’s started in 1955, no one knew the type of empire that would be created. Fred Olivieri Construction Company is proud to be a part of that empire.


Fred Olivieri Construction Company has built over 200 McDonald’s to date.



Nothing hammers home “We have beef!” like oversized horn adornment.



When Fred Olivieri realized there was an ever-present need for good, quality millwork in the construction field, he did what any great entrepreneur would do…

And so, Mr. O’s Cabinets was born. The fact it was the same year as the American Bicentennial

makes us even more proud!



The Whaling Station was one of the first team efforts between Fred Olivieri Construction Company and Mr. O’s.


This themed restaurant provided an opportunity for collaboration and for breaking out the party garb at the grand opening.



So it begins…our love affair with Jewelry Stores.



Tippecanoe Place Mansion in South Bend, Indiana is a wonderful historic gem. In 1980, when a huge renovation project was underway, Fred Olivieri Construction Company played an important role.


This was also the start of the father and son duo! Dean Olivieri started strong with this project!



And so, from this point forward, as the mandate states, all surfaces shall be reflective!



Fred Olivieri Construction Company and Mr. O’s have been honored to work with the Pro Football Hall of Fame since 1990!



The lighting in this photo must be really great…or is it just that our showcases have a tendency to look timeless.



Fred, Virginia and Dean at the groundbreaking for the addition to their office in North Canton, Ohio.



The 90’s called…they want their trade show booth back.



Sometimes you just blink and there goes another showcase out the door to be installed. Retail provides a fast-paced environment and we love the challenge.



Over 40 years later and Fred Olivieri Construction Company, MRO Built and McDonald’s are still going strong.



Fred Olivieri Construction Company: 55 years


MRO Built: 38 years


Two great companies looking forward to the next 50 years.



The modern day MRO Built team.



The new MRO Built office space is well underway! Here’s a sneak peek!